Massport and the FAA commissioned a study managed by the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission about whether the Commonwealth needed a Second Major Airport at Ft. Devens

#6  Major Public Infrastructure Study


Next Level Results

At the time, Massport was convinced that by 2010 the number of passengers served would nearly double and that a second major airport was needed, with Fort Devens being an obvious best site


A team led by Todd Burger concluded that Massport's growth forecasts were wildly inaccurate and that several scenarios, other than those first envisioned by the Commonwealth, were much more likely. Twenty-five years later, the new forecasts of New England travel demand for Logan, TF Green and Manchester airports have proven to be highly accurate, with billions of dollars of potentially wasted infrastructure investment avoided.  The study also provided an accurate passenger forecast for Boston to NYC Hi-speed service as part of the first federally funded multi-modal (air, rail, car) study, years before the service was introduced.